Things You Need Spare Keys For

It’s very important to have your essentials before you leave your home — that includes your wallet, phone, and of course, spare keys. However, if you tend to lose your original keys regularly, you might want to have a wireless key finder or have an additional duplicate set of keys made. Below we have provided some of the best places that your extra keys might come in handy.


With a duplicate key for your house, you’ll be able to avoid getting locked out at an inconvenient time. This will also allow you to be at ease when you’re out for a grocery or to hit the gym with your buddies. It’s a good decision for every homeowner to have at least one or two spare keys for their home as you will never know when a spare key can be helpful.


It is also a great idea to have a duplicate key for your car. This will also help you avoid an emergency lockout. However, make sure to store the keys in a place where they can’t easily be found, and try to lock your car as much as possible to keep your additional car keys safe. Be sure to carry the spare car keys whenever you go out as these things are easy to lose and get stolen as well.

House of your parents

Even if you are not living with your parents anymore, it’s crucial to have spare keys for whenever your parents ask you to visit them. In addition, doing this will enable you to look after your parent’s place while they are gone for a long vacation. Just remember where you hide or store your keys.

Storage unit

If you live in an apartment and you find the storage unit a little small for the things you need to store in it, you should immediately find a bigger storage unit to rent. You can ask the owner to give you duplicate keys. If the process may take some time, you have some spare keys with you so that’s nothing you should worry about.

It’s always a good idea to have duplicate keys wherever you go. After all, you never know when you will be needing one! Before you decide to go out, don’t forget to bring some extra keys to have the peace of mind.

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