Proper Commercial Door Lock Care and Maintenance

Commercial Door Lock Care

We use door lock and keys on a regular basis — that is no doubt. But the question is: do we maintain them as much as we use them? It’s very important to take care and maintain your locks for them to function properly and last longer. After all, faulty or damaged locks won’t keep you and your business secure. So to make the most out of your commercial door locks, here the experts in have provided some door lock maintenance and care tips to keep your locks in good condition.

ernal cleaning

Cleaning the external part of your locks is not really necessary. However, you need to have a good first impression with your customers for them to trust you and your business. You can do that by simply keeping your lock clean and beautiful. Your commercial door locks are one of the things that would-be customers see. This is why you should clean your door locks regularly. You can use either water or a mild soaping agent for this. Avoid using cleaners that are too strong as this can possibly damage the finish of the locks.

Provide replacement keys

Your keys have a shorter lifespan than your locks. It’s crucial to have a spare key in handy as using a worn or broken key can damage the insides of the lock. In addition, when it comes to replacement keys, try to duplicate one from the original keys. Of course, make sure to store and hide your duplicate keys in a secure area so you don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing your replacement keys.

Provide enough lubrication

Your commercial door locks will not perform smoothly without lubrication. The process should be done at least once a year. Lubricating your locks help eliminates the debris and dirt that could jam your lock. It would be best to use a Teflon or graphite lubricants to achieve the best result. Make sure to apply lubrication to the lock’s hinges, deadbolt, and deadlatch as well.


If you find your commercial door locks wiggling a bit when you are unlocking it, they are loose. Loose door locks require immediate repair as they pose a potential security and safety threat.

It’s a must for all business owners to keep they commercial door lock and keys working properly at all times. The lock and care maintenance tips above will help keep you and your business away from potential dangers.

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