How to open a door with a credit card

open a door with a credit cardIf you are stuck behind the locked doors and don’t have the keys in your hand, then you no need to worry, you can unlock the doors even using your credit cards. Before calling a locksmith or contacting any locksmith services to open the doors locked you can use your credit cards as a key instead of paying them. Credit cards can be an alternate solution as it will be the best key to unlock the doors in the absence of a real key. Credit cards were more valuable also thick and stiff, it may break when we use it to open the doors.

  • Instead of using the bank credit cards choose other types of credit cards such as gift cards, membership cards, old hotel keys which is in card model, insurance cards, food cards and like that.
  • Choose the cards which are of a lightweight, flexible and less valuable credit card when you are using at the time opening the locked doors.

Credit cards can be used as a key to unlock the doors but not in all types of door locksets as it works well with spring latch or slanted-latch style locks not with deadbolts. While trying to open the doors using credit cards you need to be focused and need some patience. You need to follow some techniques to unlock the doors with credit cards.

Steps to be followed to unlock the doors using credit cards

To unlock the doors using credit cards, you have to ensure that the door lock is not a deadbolt at first as it requires a key to unlock. Then you need to insert your card in between the door gaps and you need to make sure that the card inserted is perpendicular to the door and strike plate. After the card is fixed in a correct angle between the gaps, then bend the card slightly and give a little push; by doing this the card can easily slide more into the door. As a next step apply some force to the door then continue to bend the card and move it front and back between the door and yourself,  giving more pressure leads the card to slide far enough that will compress the latch and the door will be unlocked quickly. Even you can refer in online as there are many videos related to this that may be very helpful to apply this technique to unlock the doors.

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